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Air-print with continuous carbon fiber


Wizard 480+

Advanced Additive Manufacturing

An innovation in industrial 3D printing AM (Additive Manufacturing) with our own developed and patent pending print head technology.
The printer can produce components with CFF (Continuous Filament Fabrication) as well as with FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) or in combination.

The "WIZARD 480+" combines several innovations into one complete system.
Components in the dimensions of 400x300x400mm are possible.

  • Automatic tool/printhead changer with currently up to 4 changing slots.
  • High reproducibility and accuracy is made possible by a high-precision construction with powerful drives and water-cooled print heads
  • Largest available build volume for the manufacturing of very light and very strong components with continuous carbon fiber, other continuous fibers and other materials
  • With our specially developed and patent pending CFF printhead technology
  • Open material system with no restrictions
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Clear advantages! Flexible & economical

Strengthen your position in the market and extend your lead over your competitors.

With the help of our innovative 3D printer Wizard 480+.


- Produce small series and prototypes more economically

- flexible response to customer requirements

- Shorten lead times

- Digitize spareparts

- Make your supply chain more self-sufficient

- Component geometry results from the function, not the manufacturing method


Contact us and we will work with you to implement an AM system tailored to your needs.  Whether plastics, metals or composite materials - we are ready for your challenges!

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Robot Precision Package

With our software and hardware package, you get a robot which is absolutley accurate within the entire workspace.

The robot can be programmed offline, so there is no need for time-consuming teaching and you achieve unprecedented flexibility in applications with maximum precision.
  • absoult precise robot in the entire travel range
  • suitable for waterjet cutting, assembly, handling, ...
  • Offline programmable
  • Can be used without teaching as usual
  • Maximum time saving
Do you need a high-precision robot and/or do you use robots for flexible tasks? 
Then contact us!
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Customised solutions

Do you need a larger build volume for a 3D printer or do you have special printing requirements?


Are you looking for solutions in the field of automation technology?
Robotics, 3D waterjet cutting, composite materials for safety applications or special applications?


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