Top performance with 3D printed carbon components
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We are enthusiastic motorsport fans. That is why we love to combine our technical know-how with our innovative 3D printer "Wizard 480+" for our passion.

On the one hand, our 3D printing system is excellently suited for industrial use, on the other hand, it is an incredibly versatile addition for every ambitious workshop.

The ability to produce extremely light and highly resilient components in a few days or hours always brings a decisive advantage - not only for a sporting competition.

Picture 1: Original aluminium (casted) fork bridge

Challenge mastered

Johannes Blum, motor sportsman and proud owner of a Kawasaki sports bike, gave us the task to replace his aluminium fork bridge with a light, more stable one.

For this purpose we used our own high-tech carbon fiber, which we developed in-house. The result: Johannes Blum is enthusiastic about his new carbon fork bridge, because now he can ride even faster to the finish line with higher safety and less weight.

Image 2: Additive manufactured fork bridge with continuous carbon fiber

Potential for more

We are very happy with our additive manufactured fork bridge, but we have been too much influenced by the original design and have not used the full potential of AM and the Wizard 480+. Therefore we are already working on an even more optimized fork bridge!

Picture 3: Johannes Blum on the race track with our fork bridge!

The full potential of our innovative technology is waiting to be discovered.
Do you have an idea or a product which can't be produced in a conventional way?

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Pictures: APS & CR Moto, Background: Jan Starek on Unsplash